Planned Giving

Church planned givingPlanned Giving

The Planned Giving Committee provides information and consultation for anyone who is interested in making a lasting legacy through support for all or some of St. Christopher’s in-house programs and support provided for people in the North Shore and Greater Vancouver communities and international missions.  These contributions often give messages of hope and love to people who may feel alone and forgotten.  Charitable giving is one of the simplest ways to plan tax savings.  You don’t have to be a member of St. Christopher’s to contribute to its charitable works or to access any of the programs available.

Past gifts have enabled us to:

  • Expand the music program – including holding a public evening concert;
  • Employ a leader for the youth program – now providing activities throughout the week;
  • Maintain an organized program capable of quickly dispensing assistance to individuals in an emergency situation;
  • Continue to explore innovative ways for enhancing and broadening our programs.

All are welcomed to come and enjoy the music before, during and after the 10:00 service and to meet the various leaders and membership over refreshments following the postlude musical.

Following are ways to set up and begin your planned charitable contributions to help St. Christopher’s continue and broaden its active programs.  With each option a tax receipt to you or to your estate, as appropriate, will be issued for the amount received.

  • LIFE INSURANCE:  When a whole life or term life insurance policy is gifted and St. Christopher’s is made the registered beneficiary, the value of the policy at that time and any subsequent payments made by you toward the policy are charitable gifts as are any premium payments made toward a new policy taken out with St. Christopher’s made the registered beneficiary.
  • General bequest of a certain dollar amount;
  • Specific bequest of a named piece of property or cash amount for a specific purpose, (e.g., upkeep and support for activities and programs, support for community outreach, international missions, etc.);
  • Residual bequest designating all or part of what remains after all other requirements have been met;
  • Contingent bequest taking effect only under certain conditions.
  • SECURITIES:  The gift of publicity traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds can result in you not being taxed on capital gains and receiving a tax receipt for your contribution of the value at the time of transfer to St. Christopher’s.
  • RRSP or RRIF:  Naming St. Christopher’s as beneficiary, in full or in part, to these plans can be a meaningful gift and the estate will receive a tax receipt.
  • ANNUITY:  This gift can be set up with the church receiving the remaining amount in the annuity after death.  Depending on your age when set up the income to you from the annuity may be totally or partially tax free and age will determine the amount used for the tax receipt given to you at the time the annuity is established.
  • REMAINDER TRUST:  By naming St. Christopher’s as the secondary beneficiary to an irrevocable trust the remaining funds in the trust will go to St. Christopher’s after death.
  • REAL ESTATE and OTHER PROPERTY:  This can include land, buildings, art objects or other items of value given by you to St. Christopher’s at any time or left in the Will as a bequest.

If you would like to make a contribution now instead of or in addition to a longer term planned gift please contact the Church Office at 604.922-5323

Thank-you for your kind consideration.