St Chris History3We have been part of the neighbourhood for over 80 years, providing a place to worship as well as to serve the community and form friendships.

We are very proud of all that we have accomplished over that time, both within our Church and in the wider community.

Our Church started as a two-room structure, the Inglewood Mission, on Inglewood Avenue near 11th Street in 1933. A Sunday School was established by lay people, and itinerant clergy conducted Church Services.

On January 29th, 1946 the Inglewood Mission became the Parish of St. Christopher and the Reverend William Valentine was appointed half-time Rector. In 1948 architect Bob Berwick, a parishioner, designed the present Church Hall, which replaced the original two-room building.

In 1955 the then Rector, The Reverend Jack Wilson, set out to raise sufficient funds to build a bigger place of worship. Our Church, built adjacent to the hall, was designed by Bob Berwick in the West Coast vaulted beam style and was dedicated on March 22nd, 1956.

The Church was consecrated on October 17th, 1965 and stands as a tribute to the commitment of the laity of the time and their Rector.

During the next years, The Reverend Desmond Kimmitt and The Reverend Douglas Stewart built up the parish and introduced new initiatives and groups to the existing activities. One such initiative was to introduce lay responsibility for offering Intercessions, reading all lessons and administering Communion wine, which was supported by The Venerable Lou Rivers during his time and during the ministry of The Reverend Michael McGee.

Our parish has been a place to fill the spirit in many ways; spiritually with our Services and Bible Study, doing good and necessary work out in the community both locally and internationally, and with laughter and friendship during our social events.

New ideas are always being considered to enhance what our parish can provide, and we look forward to what the future holds for us.