Committees: New and Revitalized

A note from Brian McGuinness our new Church Committee Secretary

One of the goals this year at the church is to find a way to include more parishioners in the decision making and maintenance of our church.  

As many of you heard this past Sunday we have created several committees and hope that members of the congregation will sign up and contribute their time and skills to the upkeep of the church.  

Sign up sheets will be available in the hall during coffee hour or you can email the church and your name will be added.

  • The Building and Grounds Committee will oversee general maintenance and special projects as they arise.
  • The Gardening Committee will oversee the back garden, lawn cutting and raking.
  • Fundraising and Fellowship will plan and carry out activities throughout the year.  All are welcome to bring forward your ideas.
  • The Communication Committee will oversee the website, advertisements and greeters. It is hoped that a Greeter rotation will be started where members of church committee, wardens and other interested members can take turns greeting parishioners as they arrive.
  • The Safety and Security Committee will identify potential hazards and find solutions.  They will also be responsible for fire and earthquake preparedness.
  • The Church Growth committee will find ways of inviting and welcoming new members, expanding on the work we’ve done with Tasha.
  • The Stewardship Committee is in charge of running our annual stewardship campaign.

There has also been some interest in reviving the Men R Us as a men’s fellowship group.

If any of these groups appeal to you, please sign up at coffee hour or email the church office.